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    Avitae Water Primeton Software
    Therafirm Meeno Babies Zootuz MyPix2.com

    Tait Fletcher (Actor, Breaking Bad)
    Burton Gray (Artist, Creator "Living Art")
    Dr. Keith Ablow (NYT Bestselling Author, Fox News Contributor)
    Dr. Scott Kudia (Amazon Bestselling Author, Media Correspondent)
    Mel Schwartz (Author, Creator, Emergent Thinking©)
    Dr. Glen Depke (Traditional Naturopath)
    Manny Aragon (Bio-Mechanist, Podcast Radio Show Host)
    Andrew Howe (Professional Athlete)
    Ebba Jungmark (Professional Athlete)
    Dr. Jennifer Walden (Plastic Surgeon)
    Connie Bennett (Author)

    Outside the Wire the Movie
    Outside the Wire, 501(c)(3)
    Free the Children
    Girl Power Campaign
    On TRACK
    Book Tour Collaborations with Publishing Houses;
    St. Martin's Press, Little Brown, Rodale Books, Simon & Schuster